“I tried some of the fish taco seasoning while in Oregon and it’s the best I’ve ever tasted!”
- John B.

“Greetings from Indiana…I wanted to share that my family loves your mix. It’s like eating in a restaurant all from home. Thank you for a wonderful product!”
- Allison Z.

“I wanted to thank your company for caring about the public needs. You make hard working family’s meal times easier. You are doing a great job. Thank you.”
- Trisha F.

“Tried your Chicken Fajita on a pork tenderloin – it was delicious! Next have to try the other packet my husband picked up – Chicken Chipotle Taco Tinga. I am looking forward to finding recipes on your website!”
- Linda P.

“I have to tell you, I make good chili but now I make great chili with this spice.  I always had to add sides, extra spice, sour cream and cheese, but with this spice you need nothing to make it great… buying as much as I can! The best turkey chilly in NJ!”
- Bonnie M.

“The beef tacos are wonderful.”
- Dianna W.

“I was really happy to find a real recipe for Barbacoa. When we were done eating it felt like a flashback to the past when we were eating tacos in Mexico.  You guys nail it to perfection. I give you a 100% satisfaction.”

I got a pack of your chicken fajita mix and just love it.”
- Alex M.

“I have been a customer of your products for a while, and let me say this; they are the best I’ve EVER used!!!!!!!!!!”
- Nancy W.

“Love your product!”
- Dana T.

“I live in Park City, Utah and have used your Fish Taco seasoning packet which my family loves!”
- Patti H.

“I bought some of your fish taco seasoning at a grocery store in Houston. We loved it!”
- Paula C.

“I love these seasoning mixes – my husband and I make tacos all the time and these mixes (particularly the taco one) make the beef taste so much more authentic!! Thanks for making an amazing product!!”
- Autumn H.

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Complement any Mexican dish with slices of avocado or a side of guacamole. Besides being tasty and eye pleasing, avocados are a rich source of good monounsaturated fat for overall health benefits.

When selecting your avocado, choose one that is consistently firm or soft all over — no bruises or soft spots.

Prevent the avocado from browning by leaving the pit in the bowl with the chopped or scooped avocado, or squeeze a little lime over it and then cover it in plastic wrap.

Happy Eating!